Molecular research LP MR DNA http://www.mrdnalab.com introduced 16s , ITS and 18s long read diversity assays using Pac Bio when the sequel instrument was first launched.. They innovated the techniques to obtain good data at a reasonable price. For large projects price can be as low as $75/sample for over 5000 reads average. Of course, you can obtain as much data as you need for your samples this is just an example. Since the launch of the sequel II MR DNA has continued to advance the technology with greater quality and lower pricing. THey have a customizable platform now that can utilize any long amplicon no matter what the target for this technique.

Bacteria, archaea, eukaryotes, protozoa, fungi or any other target can now be evaluated with a much higher level of taxonomic classification. Unlike the short read technologies which can get us 2 or 3 variable regions we are able with the 16s to sequence with HI FI accuracy all 9 of the 16s variable regions.

our high definition taxonomic identifications for isolates follow along this same technology . no low quality sanger data .. This data tends to have extremely high quality scores, throughout the 16s, ITS1-4, 18s genes so that the ability of classification to go down even to the species level is possible with a diversity assay. Prices have come down so far and we are able to work with almost any type of DNA sample.

We have a full bioinformatics service potential with these long reads. contact MR DNA by going to their website http://www.mrdnalab.com .. at the top of every page is their email address info@mrdnalab.com.. so easy tell them what you want to send (how many samples) .. what you want to evaluate and they will take great care of you . Instantly go from a customer to a part of the MR DNA family .